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The Partner of Choice

PT. Kejora Gasbumi Mandiri formed 2002

    Expanded range of Services and Accreditation
    Software Marketing

Associate Company PT. OPAC Barata founded 1997

    SE Asia Regional Oil and Gas Property Management and Promotion
    Offering Specialist Consulting Services and Software Marketing

Corporate Philosophy

Provide a New Level of Service:

         We source top quality services and personnel worldwide

         Unrivalled service and one-on-one loyalty

         Partnership in the fullest sense

    TO ALL: Your guide through the Petroleum Jungle

Five Business Principles

    Your Success is Our Success
    Transparency Breeds Trust
    Emphasise Professionalism
    Be Part of the Solution, not Part of the Problem
    Anticipate Events

Your Success is Our Success

    Thoroughly evaluate all likely partnerships for:
         Compatibility, Technology, Professionalism, Growth potential Committed support to Principals’ long term operation

    Provide expertise based on:
         Knowledge, Experience, Understanding, Customization, Don’t hesitate to make necessary sacrifices

    Provide Key Contacts and Openings
         Government, Trade Associations, Major Companies
         Develop “Networks for Success”

Transparency Breeds Trust

    Open Company Culture
         Clear Agreements with defined obligations
         Open communication and discussion
         Regular reporting and advice
         Avoid Conflicts of Interest

    Advance preparation and planning of projects

    Understand and advise on Regulatory Environment
         Cost Effective Professional Services at your fingertips

Be Part of the Solution – Not Part of the Problem

    Give distinct value at all times for clients, consultants and principals
    Avoid any conflict of interest
    Set fees at realistic levels
    Offer creative, effective and timely advice
    Focus on solutions and good results
    Go the extra mile

Anticipate Events

    Look for Opportunities

    Every challenge is a potential “winner”

    Predict and Evaluate Risk

    Volunteer Solutions Plan together and schedule long term projects • Investment

Management and Staffing

    Expatriate Marketing Specialist
    Technical Specialists for each major product line
    Technical Consultants available on request
    Financial: tax advice included in package

Company Structure

    Software and Service Division
         Agent for Beicip Franlab - France
         EasyDepth, Locace, Genex, Temis 2D, Temis 3D, Ceres, and Qubs.
         Agent for Earth Decision – France
         Gocad : Geology, Geophysic and Reservoir Modeling
         Agent for JustCroft International – UK
         Plotting & Image Conversation Software (JustCGM & JustPLOT, Just Plotweb Software)
         Agent for Logicom Computer Service – UK
         Petrophysic (Logic), Reserves Evaluation Program (REP) Software, Core Photograph (Core Chopper)
         Agent for Whistler Research Asia – Singapore
         iCore : integrated tool and software for core description

Recent Client List

    Chevron Indonesia Company
    EMP Kangean Limited
    Genting Oil Natuna Pte. Ltd
    Kondur Petroleum SA
    Kufpec (Indonesia) Ltd.
    Lapindo Brantas
    Medco E&P Indonesia
    Star Energy
    Tately NV

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