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Petroleum System Analysis
BeicipFranlab’s multi-dimensional basin modeling software solutions meet industry technological demands for reliably delineating and de-risking prospects in any geological settings.

The software suite:

Temis1D®, Temis2D®, and Temis3D®
For complex structural setting Locace®, Genex® and its module GenTect® as well as Ceres®.

Sensitivity and risk analysis Qubs®.

CGM Converter and Plotting Management System


a product of Justcroft International Ltd, will offer you benefits:

  • Only product to CONVERT & IMPORT into multi graphics packages
  • Optimise CGM files and export onto other software application such as Powerpoint, Canvas and Corel Draw
  • Easy to use
  • No need to be a MICROSTATION user or have MICROSTATION Workstation
  • No Training required
  • It is running in both Windows and UNIX


Justcroft International's simple, friendly and easy-to-use composer application


an enterprise-wide viewing and plotting solution based on the CGM standard, as used in the Oil & Gas, Automotive and Aerospace industries.

petrophysical software with NMR and sonic waveform analysis
integrated data collection and graphical display system
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